Richarson Revolution Laundromat Prices

Services Available & Prices

Laundromat Prices
  • 20 Pound Washers $3.25
  • 40 Pound Washers $5.50
  • 60 Pound Washers $7.50
  • 80 Pound Washers $9.50
  • 30 Pound Dryers $0.25

    10 Minutes per $0.25

  • 45 Pound Dryers $0.25

    6 Minutes per $0.25

  • 75 Pound Dryers $0.25

    5 Minutes per $.025

Bring your own detergents, fabric softeners, and whiteners, or purchase what you need from our friendly staff.

All of our self-service machines can be activated by our smartphone app or you can pay at the machine with quarters.

Full-Service Dropoff Wash/Dry/Fold Prices
  • Next Day Pickup $1.49/lb
  • Same Day Pickup* $1.79/lb

    *in by 6:00 PM for same day pickup

  • Folding Only $1.00/lb

Premium Detergents and Fabric Softeners available.

Dry Cleaning
Premium Dry Cleaning Services for apparel and household goods also available.
Laundry Pick Up
& Delivery

Schedule your laundry and dry cleaning for on-demand, one-time, weekly, bi-weekly, every 3 weeks, or monthly pickup & delivery with easy, next day return.

Commercial Laundry Services

Our commercial laundry pick-up and delivery services are available throughout the entire greater Dallas Metroplex.